At Kewtube we specialise in CNC tube Manipulation and bending of tubular products. We carry a wide range of high quality bending tools and services that can assure accuracy of tube bending and manipulation. We handle pipe and tubular materials including mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium, brass, and copper from 2mm to 75mm.

On site we make sure to have Computer Numerically Controlled, Numerically Controlled, and bending manipulation tools in order to ensure that there is a wide range of quality services that are well within the capabilities of our facility. Our specialized and fully trained staff are able to carry out an extensive range of CNC tube manipulation and bending procedures that can ensure the highest quality in your next project.

Our range of services include:

  • The manufacturing of one-offs and prototypes. We can also help with your design ideas and work towards a possible overall reduction in manufacturing costs.
  • A “One Stop Shop” for products requiring bending. Our CNC tube bending machines cover a size range of 2mm up to 3 inches (75 mm) and our highly skilled operators make just about any tube bend possible.
  • Tube and pipe measurement (CMM measuring facility) as well as coiling and end forming (including flaring, thread rolling, and welding of fittings and flanges.)
  • Manufacturing of special tooling for coiling, including CNC milling, turning, and drilling.
  • Welding and finishing in either powder, paint or zinc plating.

All of our products and services undergo a variety of quality assurance inspections upon completion to ensure that only the highest standard of products leave our doors. Our in-house team makes sure that the solution for your tubular manipulation project needs is also of a superior quality to any other CNC tube manipulation options available to you.

Quotes and Delivery

We are continuing to build our business based on quality of service. We endeavour to handle quotes promptly and complete and deliver jobs to spec and on time. If you require a tubular product, please contact us with your ideas. Our capacity and facilities allow us to maintain the same level of service and accuracy for both small and larger volume orders. There are also a range of delivery and supply options available including schedule, JIT, and Kanban.

For more information or a quote please visit our main website .